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Pastor Marc has been the lead Pastor of "River of Life" since June of 2013.  He's been married to his amazing wife Leanne for over 30+ years and they both have two terrific kids, and three delightful grandkids. Marc loves to Study and Preach the Word, and takes his job to, "...equip the Saints for the works of service," seriously. Marc takes a very exegetical approach to his exposition of Scripture and strives to teach those in his Congregation the art and science of biblical interpretation to the best of his ability, so they too can mine the Bible for all its worth!

Pastor Marc also served six years in the USMC, spent 15 years in the Judicial System, and is currently a bi-vocational business owner in the local community who is also simply striving to be an authentic Disciple of Christ both privately as well as publicly, each and every day.

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